Oatlands Enews – Friday 13th March 2020


This week’s Enews covers are smaller number of topics with some important news to communicate (and we don’t want to lose readers!!!). As such the following topics will be covered.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Volunteers Required to Assist with Greens Renovation
  • Rural Fire Service Fundraiser
  • From the Course
  • Peppercorn Tree
  • Bunker Update
  • Oberon visit to Oatlands – Sunday 15th March 2020
  • Pennant Update
  • 60 Seconds with Dave – First Timer
  • Upcoming Events

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Be Alert not Alarmed

Oatlands Golf Club Board and Management has been monitoring the ongoing situation relating to the spread of the Coronavirus. We have also been in contact with the games peak bodies and other Clubs to ascertain the best practice for golf clubs and their members going forward. At this stage the recommendations are the same however the Club has a detailed Management plan for assisting in mitigating risk and also in the event of an outbreak at the Club, in the meantime, the advice below remains in place and we ask all members to be diligent.

Communication from the Australian Government Department of Health has been taking place regularly via their website with the underlying message for Australia to be alert but not alarmed.

As per the Department of Health directive, Members are asked to follow the common sense directions for assisting with the containment of the Coronavirus, being:

Travel to and from High Risk Countries:-

  • If you are returning from mainland China or Iran, you should isolate yourself for 14 days after leaving mainland China or Iran.
  • If you are travelling from the Republic of Korea, on or after 5 March, you must isolate yourself for 14 days from the time you left the Republic of Korea.
  • If you are arriving in Australia from Italy, you must present for health screening at the border as directed. Unless you are instructed to, you do not need to isolate at home.

Travel to and from Moderate Risk Countries:-

  • If you have recently travelled to any of the following countries, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand, monitor your health for 14 days after leaving that country. If you develop a fever or cough, seek medical advice urgently and isolate yourself.

The Club will be sourcing hand sanitizer and making it available at the Administration Office, Bar, Pro Shop and Locker Rooms over the next few days. Members are encouraged to be extra diligent with personal hygiene whilst at the Club.

Thank you for your assistance.

코로나 바이러스 (COVID-19) 주의 조치 

Oatlands Golf Club은 코로나 바이러스 확산과 관련하여 진행중인 상황을 모니터링하고 있습니다.

호주 정부 보건부 (Australian Government Department of Health) 의 권장에 의한 조치 권항 입니다.

보건부 지침에 따라, 회원은 코로나 바이러스의 격리를 돕기 위해 상식적인 지시를 따라야합니다.

고위험 국가를 오가는 여행 :

– 중국 본토 또는이란에서 귀국하는 경우, 중국 본토 또는이란을 떠난 후 14 일 동안 자신을 격리해야합니다.

– 3 월 5 일 또는 그 이후에 한국에서 여행하는 경우, 한국을 떠난 날로부터 14 일 동안 자가 격리시켜야합니다.

– 이탈리아에서 호주에 도착하는 경우 지시에 따라 국경에서 건강 검진을 받아야합니다.

지시가없는 한 집에서 격리 할 필요는 없습니다.

보통 위험 국가를 오가는 여행 :

– 최근 다음 국가, 캄보디아, 홍콩, 인도네시아, 일본, 싱가포르 및 태국을 여행 한 경우 해당 국가를 떠난 후 14 일 동안 건강 상태를 모니터링하십시오. 열이나 기침이 나면 의사의 진찰을 받고 스스로 격리하십시오.

클럽은 손 소독제를 소싱하여 향후 며칠 동안 관리 사무소, 바, 프로 샵 및 라커룸에서 이용할 수있게 할 것입니다.  회원은 클럽에있는 동안 개인 위생에 더욱 참여하도록 권장됩니다.  도와 주셔서 감사합니다.

Volunteers Required to assist with Greens Renovations

The Club are calling for volunteers to assist with upcoming greens renovations on Sunday 5th April – Tuesday 7th April inclusive.

The last two renovations have seen 20-30 additional volunteers to our regular Monday volunteer brigade. The assistance provided by member volunteers during our twice annual renovations are one of the key reason that our course and greens in particular are consistently in such good condition as it allows the course staff to undertake a full renovation which wouldn’t be possible with the 10 staff who maintain our course throughout the year.

The video below gives an idea of the work involved and the invaluable assistance that the volunteers provide;

If you are able to assist, please email the General Manager, Sam Howe at gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au.

Days and times are listed below. Volunteers can assist on any or all of the days. 

Sunday 5th April from 1pm
Monday 6th April from 8am
Tuesday 7th April from 8am

Volunteers on Monday and Tuesday will be provided with lunch and drinks throughout the day.

From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 39.0mm Rainfall for 2020: 511.5mm   Dam: 100%   Green Speed: 10.0ft


This week the team has been busy on the whipper snippers trimming bunker edges, the wall on the 11th, tree bases and distance markers on fairways. These are the areas which make our course look untidy at times, so it has been satisfying for the team to tidy these areas up.

The weed in the 13th pond has been sprayed and is in the process of dying. As it dies it will sink to the bottom of the pond. We will now add beneficial microbes to the water that feed off the decaying weed to stop a build-up on the bottom of the pond.

The fairway spraying of fungicide and fertiliser has been performed this week.

We have renovated an area on the front left hand side of the 16th green. This area has always struggled with wear and dealing with the heat in summer due to the lack of desirable subsoil. When our bunkers were reconstructed many years ago, existing subsoils surrounding the bunkers were stripped to create the final shape around the bunkers. This helped the bunker construction at the time, but causes problems now with growth in these areas. Additional soil has been added, shaping in this area has been improved to represent a more natural shape, with turf to be laid next week. Once this initial area is turfed, we will then move across to the other side of the 16th, and improve the front right hand side which struggles in summer as well. Other areas on the course that we plan to improve in this way are the right hand side of the 3rd, 7th and 8th greens.

All areas of the course will be cut this week, with fairways being mown twice. Next week we will start aerating fairways to encourage recovery in areas that were affected by the drought conditions in summer. Gypsum will be applied to these areas and fertiliser will be applied to all fairways and surrounds to send the fairways into the cooler months with the best possible cover.

Our volunteers were on course on Monday, checking bunkers before the ladies competition, blowing fairways, trimming and cleaning drainage pits, trimming suckers from tree bases and checking all hazard and OOB pegs. Thank you gentlemen for your valuable contribution once again this week.



Enjoy the weekend!

The Course Team.



Rural Fire Service Fundraiser

The Club’s RFS Fundraising Day took place today, Friday 13th March with 100 players taking part to raise funds for the families of the volunteers tragically killed in the recent bushfire crisis.

With all prizes donated by Club members and all RFS volunteer participation sponsored by individual members, the day was a great success and is set to have raised thousands of dollars for the families (an exact figure raised will be provided in next week’s Enews).

A special thanks goes to Geoff Hinchcliffe, Club member and RFS volunteer who came up with the concept and was instrumental in bringing it to life.

The Club would also like to thank everyone that took part on the day, purchased raffle tickets, donated prizes, sponsored a volunteer, the Westleigh Local RFS brigade for supplying a truck on the day (pictures below), to the RFS volunteers who joined us on the day, and to RFS Superintendent Chris Ryder who was the guest speaker at lunch.  


Peppercorn Tree 

Following further consultation and advice regarding the safety status and integrity of the Peppercorn Tree adjacent to the putting green and starters hut, Management and the Greens Committee have had to make the difficult decision that it will need to be removed due to the safety hazard it presents.

The tree will be removed at the first available opportunity. In the meantime the area beneath the tree has been cordoned off as can be seen in the image below.

The Club are aware of the sentiment toward this tree which has been part of the Oatlands landscape for decades, and while every option to save the tree has been considered, the expert advice is that the base of the tree is too hollow to salvage.

The Club will assess and consider a suitable option to fill the space in the short and long term.

Bunker Update

The Club would like to update members on status of bunkers following significant flooding and inundation in early February when the Club received almost 400mm of rain in a few days.

The bunkers have been repaired to a playable condition however are yet to be restored to the pre-storm condition. This is a result of a number of factors, including:

– The damaged caused by flooding is more than just superficial and has resulted in sub-surface damage to drainage and bunker integrity that has warranted an insurance claim which is pending.
– The availability of sand and the need to restore the bunkers to their previous condition prior to adding sand.

The course staff have done a good job in getting the majority of bunkers playable albeit with a very thin hard surface to play from due to the above mentioned factors. Once advice on the insurance implications of the storm damage are known the course staff will commence the process of restoring the bunkers.

It is worth noting that many Clubs in Sydney still have all bunkers out of play following the February storm with many out of play until further notice.

Please remember, that exposed bunker matting and washed out areas have existing provision for free relief under the Rules of Golf. Members are advised that free relief must be taken within the bunker and no nearer to the hole. 

We note, Rule 16.1c allows for “Penalty Relief” to be taken outside of the bunker, under the penalty of one stroke.

We thank you for your patience while the necessary processes run their course.

Oberon visit to Oatlands – Sunday 15th March 2020

The annual visit to Oatlands by buddy Club Oberon is taking place on Sunday 15th March and there are still a handful of places available to join our traveling friends from Oberon.

Tee times are from 11am with the cost being $30 which includes the regular competition fee followed by finger food.

Any member wishing to take part in the day’s competition with our friends from Oberon should email the General Manager, Sam Howe at gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au

Pennant Update

Mixed Pennant

A great team win in the Quarter Final against Monash at Wakehurst on Sunday 8th March sees our Mixed Pennant team into the semi-finals. The quarter final results are listed below:

  1. Linda Gyzen and Ben Mees                                       2up/2 to play (unfinished)
  2. Justa Kim and Lindsay MacInnes                               Lost 4/3             
  3. Deb Jepson and Tony Monaghan                               Won 5/3           
  4. Steph Monaghan and Pete Crawford                         Won 1up                
  5. Pixie Sasse and Chris Garland                                  Won 2up          

The semi-final will take place this coming Sunday 15th March at Ryde-Parramatta GC against Cronulla GC with the team as follows:

    1. Linda Gyzen and Ben Mees                                     
    2. Justa Kim and Lindsay MacInnes                              
    3. Deb Jepson and Tony Monaghan                             
    4. Steph Monaghan and Pete Crawford                   
    5. Pixie Sasse and Chris Garland 
    6. Standby – Steve and Linda Bestford                                 

Good luck to all involved.

Major Pennant

The OGC Men’s Major Pennant team played their final home match on Sunday 8th March against Glenmore Heritage Valley and were victorious 4 matches to 3 to remain on top of the division and only needing to perform well away at Glenmore Heritage Valley this coming Sunday 15th March (10am) to progress through to the finals.

Good luck to the major pennant players and caddies.

This week’s team is as follows:

Norm Nakhoul
Luke Mason
Nathan Wareham
Sean Porter
Grant Lomas
Brad Hooper
Wil Reece
Harris Yang


Ladies Grade

The Ladies Grade team played their third match of the season on Friday 6th March and narrowly suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of Carnarvon (at Avondale GC) 2 matches 3. The match results were as follows:

Linda Gyzen: Lost 2/1
Anthea Molino: Lost 3/2
Debbie Jepson: Won 3/2
Paula Skelton: Won 1up
Amy Kim: Lost 3/2

The Ladies travel to The Lakes today to take on Avondale. A match report will be provided in next week’s Enews.

Silver II

The Silver II ladies have now played three matches and remain undefeated after traveling to Monash on Friday 6th March to take on North Ryde GC. The match results were as follows:

Vanessa Chivers: Lost 6/5
Kathy Lim: Won 5/3
Jenny Park: Won 1up
Cindy Kim: Lost 5/4
Lesleigh Perkins: 1up

The ladies travel to Roseville today to take on Killara. A match report will be provided in next week’s Enews.

60 Seconds with Dave – First Timer

This week, 60 Seconds with Dave focuses the First Timer. We hope you enjoy the video and it helps you out on the course. 


If members would like to see any topics covered in 60 Seconds with Dave, please email him your ideas at golflessons@oatlandsgolf.com.au

Upcoming Events:

Pub Trivia Night – Friday 27th March 2020

Following the popularity of the Pub Trivia Night in August last year that saw 100 members and guests take part in a fantastic evening, the next instalment has been scheduled for Friday 27th March.

Details are outlined below (guests are welcome) with bookings available through the Club website of by contacting the Club Reception.

Husband & Wife Trophy – Sunday 29th March 2020

The annual Husband & Wife Trophy will take place on Sunday 29th March. This popular event is a 2 Ball Aggregate stableford and is open to married and defacto couples.

Play is available in either the 7:15am or 12:30pm shotgun start.

This event is open to members and guests with the winning team requiring at least one Oatlands Golf Club member. 

Cost is $20pp and includes finger food post golf

The Husband & Wife trophy was first played for in 1971 and was won in that year by the Lentfer’s.

Bill & Judy Tunks have won this event three (3) times since its inception. The 2019 winners were Vassik & Liz Barovs

To book in please visit the website of call reception.




A reminder that these events are held on selected Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout each month and are a wonderful way to introduce new people to our Club. Bookings are essential and we ask that you reserve your table at least two (2) days in advance. Dates are shown below:

Mar Saturday 14th & Wednesday 25th
Apr Saturday 18th & Wednesday 29th
May Saturday 16th & Wednesday 27th
Jun  Friday 12th & Wednesday 24th
Jul Saturday 18th & Wednesday 29th
Aug Saturday 15th & Wednesday 26th
Sep Friday 11th & Wednesday 30th 
Oct Friday 9th & Wednesday 28th
Nov Wednesday 18th & Saturday 28th
Dec Wednesday 9th & Saturday 19th (Christmas Buffet)





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