Club Fitting

Optimize your Game with Custom Club Fitting

At Oatlands we pride ourselves on using the most advanced fitting technologies to optimise your  golf shots

  • Launch Monitor
  • Loft & Lie Machine
  • Frequency Analyser

Get a Grip on Your Game

The fully equipped workshop at Oatlands Golf Club offers a full range of grips and shafts.

If a club that you own needs to be repaired or altered please speak to one of our staff members today.

Purchasing Golf Equipment

Why Purchase Equipment from Oatlands Proshop

  • Receive professional advice¬†from Golf Professionals that know your game and what is best for your needs.
  • The option to a hit golf balls on to a fairway rather than into a net. The feedback is more precise and club purchases are validated.
  • We have club fitting tools necessary to ensure the choice is based on fact rather than a sales assistant telling what you should have. The launch monitor we use guarantees your purchase is the best for your game.