Junior Development Programme (JDP)

“Learn, Play, Represent”

Programme Objectives

Introducing young people to golf and assisting in the development of their skills is an important part of ensuring the long term future of golf. Oatlands Golf Club has committed to the development of junior players under 19 years of age with the introduction of our Junior Development Programme.

Objectives of the programme are:

  • Encourage boys and girls to play golf
  • Teach golf techniques, etiquette and skills
  • Provide access to practice facilities, skill testing and on course play
  • Provide the opportunity to become a member of Oatlands Golf Club
  • Identify talent and provide further development opportunities

Why Golf?

A golf club fosters friendly association between players of all ages and abilities. Golf has the greatest number of participants of all organised sports in Australia, with more than 1.5 million people playing golf (Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey 2009).

Golf enjoys such popularity because it:

  • is a fun and challenging game, with a low risk of injury.
  • promotes fitness and sportsmanship – can be played alone or in groups.
  • is suitable for weekend and after school play.
  • has a positive image and many high profile players providing excellent role models for young people.
  • promotes the development of “Life Skills” such as:
    • Leadership
    • Communication
    • Self-management
  • promotes and helps instil values such as:
    • Honesty
    • Respect
    • Confidence
    • Integrity
    • Courtesy
    • Responsibility
    • Sportsmanship
    • Perseverance

What do students and teachers think about the JDP Programme?

Quotes from Students

  • “I love this game because I haven’t played golf before and it was fun learning it.”
  • “The programme was very exciting and we had the chance to test our accuracy and aim in the game.”
  • “I like that we learnt how to hit a golf ball and how to set up the game course.”

Quotes from Teachers

  • “Particularly engaging as the children had not had the opportunity to play golf before.”
  • “Appropriate challenges. It gave a greater level of skill range.”
  • “The children rated this highly and are keen to get some golf gear for the school so they can share these skills.”
  • “The kids enjoyed this.”
  • “The games were great, as was the setup and approach.”
  • “Different to other sports.”


Juniors are graded into 2 levels:

  • Group A – children from 11-17 years of age
  • Group B – children from 5-10 years of age

Juniors will be tested on skills, rules and etiquette that they learn. 

Membership & Fees

Membership of the programme and Club is staged depending on age; however the cost for each category remains the same. The following categories apply to the Junior Development Programme:

Sub-Junior Development Member

A child who as attained the age of 5 years and is under 10 years of age. Participants join the programme and are entitled to attend all programmes identified for their skill level colour category. Play on the course outside programme times will be available if the participant’s progress through all stages is satisfactory. This will be determined through skill assessments by the Director of Golf.

Junior Development Member

5 years to under 19 years. Participants join the programme and the club as Junior Development Members and are entitled to attend all programmes in their skill level colour category. They may play on the course outside programme times, with adult supervision.

Annual Subscriptions

For current prices please refer to the Club’s subscription notice.  This is available from the office or website.


The annual subscription includes

  • Junior Development Membership of Oatlands Golf Club
  • Green Fees
  • Clinics
  • Golf and skill development session on Saturdays (Gold level)
  • Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation membership

This represents fantastic value for money!!

Junior Membership

When a player is considered ready for Junior Membership a letter will be sent to the parents explaining the costs and all relevant information. A Junior Member is entitled to obtain an Australian golfing handicap and is then able to play in normal club competitions. Further individual development opportunities will be provided by the club, including representation in club teams and other tournaments.

Junior Scholarship Programme

As part of Oatlands commitment to junior development a selected number of Junior Members may be supported with scholarships. Assessment for the award of scholarships will include

  • Golfing ability
  • Commitment to the Junior Development Programme
  • Attendance record
  • Willingness to learn
  • Demonstrated good behaviour
  • Respect for golf etiquette

Information on opportunities for scholarships can be discussed when the junior has reached an advanced level.

Learn, Play, Represent

This motto is the aim for every player that joins the programme.  Learn the skills, play the game & represent your Club.

What Do I Do Now?

We hope that this has given you an insight into what can be expected when you join up but if we haven’t answered all your questions our Golf Operations Manager or the General Manager will be only too happy to discuss details regarding this programme (9630 4444).