Bistro on Bettington


Come join us at our beautiful golf club and enjoy a fine dining experience!

Located in the geographical centre of Sydney, a short drive north-east of the Parramatta CBD.

Our Bistro on Bettington is held on a select number of days throughout the year and the menu changes every month, in keeping with seasonal / sustainable ingredients and availability.


Our dates for 2019 are:

Feb Friday 8th, Thursday 14th & Wednesday 27th
Mar Saturday 9th, Friday 22nd & Wednesday 27th
Apr Wednesday 24th
May Saturday 4th & Wednesday 29th
Jun Friday 7th, Saturday 15th & Wednesday 26th
Jul Friday 12th, Saturday 20th & Wednesday 31st
Aug Friday 9th, Saturday 17th & Wednesday 28th
Sep Saturday 14th & Wednesday 25th 
Oct Friday 11th & Wednesday 30th
Nov Wednesday 27th
Dec Wednesday 18th & Saturday 21st

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