Oatlands Golf Club Enews – Friday 31st July 2020



This week’s Enews covers the following topics:

  • From the Course
  • Volunteers Required for Greens Renovation
  • Ladies Foursomes Championship 2020
  • End of Winter General Manager’s Tiger Tee Challenge
  • Legacy Cup Winner
  • Sunday Competition prizes
  • Pro Shop with Jeremy Ward
  • Clubhouse Public Wifi now available
  • Weekend Trophy Event Schedule
  • Temporary Local Rules – Covid-19

From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 108.0mm Rainfall for 2020: 897.5mm   Dam: 100%   Green Speed: 10.0 feet

Another wet week for the team to deal with on course, with shed work and machinery cleaning the focus on Monday and Tuesday to avoid causing any unnecessary surface damage to the course. We did take advantage of the closed course conditions and managed to verti drain the 1st and 12th holes, uninterrupted which sped the process up and also placed the operator in a much safer position than usual.

All surfaces on the course have enjoyed the break from play, allowing grass to “just be grass” for 2 or 3 days while also getting a natural drink as well. As mentioned previously, the verti draining relieves compaction in the soil profile, allows both air and moisture to move through the profile, and is beneficial for root development when spring arrives. The 18th fairway and green surrounds were verti drained on Wednesday morning, and we will continue this process over the coming week’s completing all fairways before green renovations begin. 

Our bunkers were nearly all holding water on Monday morning due to receiving 85mm of rain in a 24 hour period. On Thursday morning we dug holes in the sand of any bunkers that still had water in them to allow the remaining water access to the drainage lines beneath the sand. Over the years since the bunkers were constructed, the sand has become contaminated with either silt particles or grass clippings from the surrounds of the bunker. As these contaminates become mixed through the sand, the natural infiltration of the sand is blocked, and the bunker starts to hold water. We break through these barriers by digging a hole down to the cover of the drainage gravel, and most often the water drains naturally. We have pumped out the fuller bunkers on Thursday to speed the process of having all the bunkers back in play a soon as possible.

The team has been repairing a significant amount of bird damage to the 4th and 15th greens this week. With the course being closed, the bird’s had no deterrents in the form of members or course staff. Staff members have changed over numerous amounts of plugs from our nursery green to ensure our in play greens are at the standard expected. We will be employing some extra scare tactics on weekday mornings to try and get these pests to choose a new site to hang around.

It was too wet for any course activities for our volunteers on Monday morning, but they found some clubhouse maintenance tasks to complete and stay dry at the same time. Thank you gentlemen for all your efforts each and every week!

This weekend we will be cutting greens both mornings, and I will be setting pins on both mornings.

Have good weekend  

The Course Team

Volunteers Required for Greens Renovation

The Winter Greens Renovation is fast approaching and will proceed as planned at this stage with a Club CovidSafe Plan in place and social distancing adhered to throughout.  As such, the Club are calling for volunteers to assist with the renovations on Sunday 23rd August – Tuesday 25th August inclusive.

Oatlands has had tremendous support from volunteers over the history of the Club and in recent years and this ongoing support is as important as it has ever been with our favourite golf course currently being enjoyed by more member golf rounds than anytime in its almost 90 year history. 

Recent renovations have seen 20-30 volunteers assist our Course team with renovation of greens. This assistance by member is one of the key reason that our course and greens are in such good condition despite a year of drought, short-bursts of intense rain, and now unprecedented usage. 

The video below gives an idea of the work involved and the invaluable assistance that the volunteers provide;

If you are able to assist, please email the General Manager, Sam Howe at gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au.

Days and times are listed below. Volunteers can assist on any or all of the days. 

Sunday 23rd August from 1pm
Monday 24th August from 8am
Tuesday 25th August from 8am

Volunteers on Monday and Tuesday will be provided with lunch and drinks.

Ladies Foursomes Championships 2020

The Ladies Foursomes Championships will be played over two rounds:
Rd 1  Thursday 13th August
Rd 2  Thursday 20th August
If you would like to play, get together with a playing partner and have a go as Foursomes can be fun! please put your names down in pairs on the timesheet when it opens on August 5.
Below is a brief guide to how Foursomes is played.
Foursomes is a Stroke event played with a partner using only one ball.  The partners are required to hit off from alternate tees.  The partners decide who will take the odd/even holes in the first round.  The partner who hit off the odd holes in the first round must hit off the even holes in the second round.  Once a player has teed off the partners hit the ball alternately until the hole is completed.  
Scoring is identical as with normal stroke rounds.  The handicap of the team will be half of the players combined handicap, your handicaps for the second round will not change.
The divisions are listed below, 
A Grade  0 – 22
B Grade    23-34
C Grade  35-45
If you have any questions regarding which Grade you will playing in or the format of the day please let me know.
Amanda Walkerden
Lady Captain

End of Winter General Manager’s Tiger Tee Challenge

As winter comes to a close and prior to the greens renovation the Club would like to invite members and guests to a Tiger Tee Challenge with a difference. On Friday 21st August the Clubs General Manager and PGA member Sam Howe will be setting up the golf course for members and guests to “enjoy”. In addition to the regular dozen balls golfers receive for 36 points or more the club will be offering additional prizes such as Bistro on Bettington dinner vouchers and golf lesson vouchers with our 3 professionals. The timesheet is open so get your name down early.

Legacy Cup Winner

Congratulations to Michael Toal, winner of the 2020 Legacy Cup played on Saturday 18th July.

Michael had a superb score of 43 points to finish 2 shots clear of Ian Tanner.

When Michael was asked about his victory he told the Clubs General Manager that he felt this would go down as a famous victory in the history of Oatlands Golf Club, when asked why he stated “the fact it was done with one Charles Russell in the group showed mental resolve rarely if ever seen at the Club”.

Well done Michael (sorry Charles)!!!

Sunday Competition Prizes

At the end of 2019 the Match Committee undertook a review of the prize allocation on Sunday and decided to implement some changes to increase the spread of prizes to more participants. Unfortunately due to to Covid situation the implementation of this was postponed.

With participation on Sunday at an all time high the Match Committee feel it is the right time to implement these changes, as such effective Sunday 9th August the following prize allocation will come into effect;

  • Member / Member 4BBB Winner only (no runner up, no ball comp)
  • Mixed 4BBB Winner only (no runner up, no ball comp)
  • Mens Winner only (no runner up)
  • Ladies Winner only (no runner up)
  • Medley ball run (Men and Ladies together) with no extra balls for ties with winning scores and a countback to decide cutoff.

It is expected that this revised prize structure will provide more participants the chance to win and prize and encourage participation by all members.

Pro Shop with Jeremy Ward

Our new Golf Operations Manager has made some great changes to the Pro Shop in his first month at the Club. The video below is a brief overview of some of the items in stock that can help your game;


Clubhouse Public WiFi now Available

Oatlands Golf Club have just upgraded the Clubs Wifi to provide for a continuous service throughout the Clubhouse and Conference facilities for members and guests to use.

The Wifi name is OGC-PUBLC with the password available on the blackboard behind the bar.

Please feel free to utilise this service whenever you are at the Club.

The Club also offers conference facilities for groups of all sizes.

Weekend Trophy Event Schedule

Below is the weekend trophy event schedule up to the course renovation / closure on Sunday 23rd August;

  • Saturday 25th July: NB Charlton 4Ball Knockout Semi Final Matchplay
  • Sunday 26th July: WS Targett Quarter Final Matchplay
  • Saturday 1st August: Kingswood Cup
  • Saturday 1st August: NB Charlton Final
  • Sunday 2nd August: WS Targett Semi Final Matchplay
  • Saturday 8th August: Winter Medal Round
  • Sunday 9th August: Mixed Foursomes Championship 36 holes
  • Saturday 15th August: Presidents Cup
  • Sunday 16th August: WS Targett Final Matchplay
  • Sunday 16th August: Major Pennant Division 2 Semi-Final at OGC
  • Saturday 22nd August: HP Evans Singles Knockout Qualifying Round – Top 16
  • Sunday 23rd August: Major Pennant Division 2 Semi-Final at Penrith
  • Sunday 23rd August (PM) – Wednesday 26th August: Renovations / Course Closed

Temporary Local Rules – Covid-19

With the recent increase in Covid cases in Victoria and NSW the Match Committee have decided to re-instate the temporary local rule requiring flagsticks to be left in. As such the current temporary local Rules as a result of Covid are as follows;

Rules of Golf – Temporary Modification

The Royal & Ancient has announced a series of temporary measures that will enable clubs to reduce any hygiene implications related to complying with the Rules of Golf. 

The temporary measures are effective immediately and allow the Rules of Golf, and Model Local Rules to be modified as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. 


In view of concerns about handling and exchanging scorecards, on a temporary basis, the Club has chosen to allow methods of scoring in stroke play, Stableford and Par that do not strictly comply with Rule 3.3b or do not comply with the normal methods used under Rule 3.3b.  These being;

  1. Players may enter their own hole scores on the scorecard (it is not necessary for a marker to do it).
  2. It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place.
  3. Scorecards are to be returned to the box in the Pro Shop for entry by a member of the Pro Shop staff.


  • Players are to leave the flagstick in the hole at all times.  


Bunkers are in play with a 30cm preferred lie available and to be taken within the bunker (all rakes have been removed from bunkers). Members are asked to be mindful of their fellow members and to smooth out bunkers using their foot or the back of your club.  Please ensure that you do not leave foot imprints and/or “divot” marks in the bunker. Note, the bunker surface can’t be smoothed prior to taking a preferred lie.

Upcoming Club Events

The Club have the following member events available for members and their guests to enjoy. We hope you can join us for these popular Clubhouse activities.

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