Oatlands Enews – Friday 26th June 2020


This week’s Enews covers the following topics:

  • Farewell Steve Youdan
  • From the Course
  • Halfway Grab & Go
  • Ladies Golf Getaway
  • Upcoming Events – Members and Guests Welcome
  • Two People per Cart allowed from 1st July 2020
  • Rules Corner – 4 Ball Matchplay
  • Please Return your Sand Buckets
  • Care for the Course Video – Please Watch
  • Men’s Foursomes Championships
  • Report Balls that go Out of Bounds
  • Weekend Trophy Event Schedule
  • MiScore App – Available to all Members to Trial
  • Takeaway Meals Menu

Farewell Steve Youdan

Most members would be aware that the Club’s Director of Golf, Steve Youdan, is finishing with Oatlands Golf Club on Wednesday 1st July. Steve has been with the Club for 10 years and has made a significant contribution to the overall operation and success of the Club during that time.

Steve will be attending the end of day competition presentation on Saturday 27th June and Wednesday 1st July for any members that would like to join him for a farewell drink.

On behalf of the Members, Board and his fellow staff, we thank Steve for his contribution and wish him well in his future endeavours.

From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 15.0mm Rainfall for 2020: 758mm   Dam: 100%   Green Speed: 10.5 feet

The team hollow needle tined the putting green last week, removing small cores from the soil profile in an effort to dry this surface out and help this green cope with the extra traffic that it has been receiving in the last 2 to 3 months. This week, we have dusted (very light topdressing), which will also dry the surface as well as control any thatch that is starting to accumulate in the top of the soil profile.

The northern side of our fairways that run in the east- west direction (1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th) are receiving very little sunlight at the moment, as the sun doesn’t rise as high as it does during summer. To help these fairways we have started under cutting the lower limbs from trees between the 1st and 17th fairways, and the 13th and 17th fairways. This work will also increase air movement through these areas which will help dry fairway surfaces after any rainfall.

Greens have been fertilised with a nitrogen and iron based liquid fertiliser to keep them in the great condition that we currently have them. Surfaces are starting to dry and firm up with the sunny days we have been experiencing. We are also in the process of spraying a herbicide on our bunker surrounds to eradicate winter grass weeds that have germinated. This task is very tricky and a stressful process as we are applying chemicals in and around our greens which eradicates the very grass that is predominantly on our greens. We must apply this herbicide without any staff members or players walking or pushing their buggies through the areas we have sprayed, as this product is transported or tracked on shoes and wheels.

The 11th fairway has been verti drained this week in an effort to relieve soil compaction and improve the surface of this fairway. The blue line around the perimeter of this fairway has been reinstated to provide a 30cm preferred lie relief from the core holes. This fairway will be cut on Friday with an area of the fairway above the fairway bunker being left un-mown to help it deal with the winter traffic. This un-mown area will still be within the blue line area for the time being.

Team members have also spent time this week replacing the concrete around several tombstones on tees that had cracked and broken away. The men’s tombstone on the 3rd tee was replaced as termites had eaten most of it away.

The volunteers were on the course on Monday morning, raking bunkers before the competition, checking all OOB and hazard pegs, blowing paths, clearing the drainage pit near the 7th tee rubbish bins and helping with the cleaning up of the low limbing of trees. Thank you gentlemen for all your assistance and we look forward to seeing you all again this Monday!

This weekend, we will be cutting greens on Saturday and Sunday. Martyna will be setting pins on Saturday and Sunday.

Have good weekend!

The Course Team

Halfway Grab & Go

Under normal circumstances, the Club would be holding shotgun starts at this time of year to ensure all players in the afternoon field finish in daylight with the sunset at approximately 5pm.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold shotgun starts and with golf participation at record highs, the Club will be enforcing Grab & Go service at halfway for all competition days to ensure that pace of play is not impacted by prolonged stopping at the clubhouse mid-round.

We kindly ask that members adhere to this rule and be ready to hit from the 1st or 12th tees as soon as the group in front is out of range or, in the case of the 12th hole, be in a position to call up.

Ladies Golf Getaway

The Oatlands Ladies are planning another one of their popular golfing getaway’s in August to coincide with the course renovation closure. Since the course will be closed the ladies are heading south to Wollongong Golf Club. All are welcome, however, we spaces are limited based on rooms availablen, so please hurry and put your name down by the Thursday 2nd July if you are interested. 

Details are outlined below

Venue: Best Western City Sands, Wollongong.

Golf Courses: Wollongong Golf Club

Dates: Sunday 23rd August – Wednesday 26th August 2020

The booking sheet is in the ladies locker room. 

Upcoming Events – Members and Guests Welcome

With the Clubhouse re-opening on 1st June, it has been fantastic to see members back supporting our Bistro nights. With the Covid-19 situation having a dire effect on the Club’s private event revenue we are looking at diversifying the Club event offering and adding in a number of new style events at different price points to our popular bistro events.

Upcoming events are listed below and we hope to see as many of you attend as possible as the allowed number of people in the Clubhouse continues to increase. Members are reminded that guests are welcome to all of these events. Birthday vouchers, new member dining vouchers and member bar credits can also be used.

Bookings for the events below can be made via the Club’s website or contacting Reception.

Two People per Cart allowed from 1st July 2020

The Club has been advised by Golf NSW that “Club’s should prepare for allowing two people to share a golf cart from 1st July 2020”.

Golf NSW is lobbying to have this change made sooner however, at this stage, the Club will be allowing members to share golf carts as of 1st July.

This is a result of the next phase of the Federal Governments road to recovery which states that individuals are free to choose if they prefer to social distance (in some circumstances) rather than being forced to do so. Members who would prefer to ride in a cart by themselves should inform the Pro Shop when making a cart booking.

As of 1st July, the cost to hire carts will revert to pre-Covid pricing.  

Rules Corner – 4 Ball Matchplay

The 16 teams for the NB Charlton Four-ball handicap knockout match play have been decided, and match play will commence on Saturday 4th July.  There are differences in the rules of golf for match play, and four-ball match play adds additional modifications.

Match Play A form of play where a player or side plays directly against an opponent or opposing side in a head-to-head match of one or more rounds:  Match play has specific rules because the player and opponent: Compete solely against each other on every hole; Can see each other’s play and; Can protect their own interests.

In this article, we discuss the rules for match play that are different from rules for stroke play.  All other rules still apply.

General Penalty The general penalty is Loss of Hole in Match Play, or 2 strokes in stroke play.  An example of a general penalty is playing a wrong ball.  In four-ball match play, a player who gets the general penalty (Loss of Hole) has no score that can count for the side on that hole; but this penalty has no effect on the partner who may continue to play for the side on that hole.  See Rule 23.8a(2) for three situations where the penalty also applies to the partner.

Rule 3.2a Result of Hole and Match

A player or side wins a hole in the match by completing the hole in fewer net strokes (including strokes made and penalty strokes), and
The match is won when a player or side leads the opponent or opposing side by more holes than remain to be played.

Rule 3.2b Concessions

Player May Concede Stroke, Hole or Match.

Conceding Next Stroke. This is allowed any time before the opponent’s next stroke is made.  The opponent has then completed the hole with a score that includes that conceded stroke, and the ball may be removed by anyone.

Conceding a Hole. This is allowed any time before the hole is completed (see Rule 6.5), including before the players start the hole.

Conceding the Match. This is allowed any time before the result of the match is decided (see Rules 3.2a(3) and (4)), including before the players start the match.

A concession is final and cannot be declined or withdrawn.

Rule 3.2c Handicaps

The players and opponents should tell each other their handicaps before the match.  The lowest handicap is deducted from the handicaps of the other players and these are the handicap strokes given to these players. Handicap strokes are given by hole, in accordance with the Match Play Index, not the stroke play index.  Players are responsible for knowing at which holes they receive strokes.  The lower net score wins the hole.  If a tied match is extended, handicap strokes are given by hole in the same way as in the round.

Rule 5.2a Practice on Course- Match Play

A player may practise on the course before a round or between rounds of a match-play competition.

Rule 6.4a Order of Play – Match Play

At the first hole, the honour is decided by the order of the draw,  If there is no draw, by agreement or by using a random method (such as tossing a coin).  The side who wins a hole has the honour at the next teeing area.  After Both Sides start a hole the ball that is farther from the hole is to be played first.  In four-ball match play, the partners may play in the order the side considers best. (Rule 23.6 Sides order of play)

Rule 11.1a Ball in Motion Accidently hits Person or Outside Influence – Exception

In match play, there is no penalty if a player’s ball in motion on the putting green hits another ball at rest.

Rule 23.4 One or Both Partners May Represent the Side

The side may be represented by one partner during all or any part of a round. It is not necessary for both partners to be present or, if present, for both to play on each hole.  If a partner is absent and then arrives to play, that partner may start play for the side only between the play of two holes.

Rule 23.5 Player’s Actions Affecting Partner’s Play

Although each player on a side must play his or her own ball:  A player may take any action concerning the partner’s ball that the partner is allowed to take before making a stroke, such as to mark the spot of the ball and lift, replace, drop and place the ball.

Any action taken by the player concerning the partner’s ball or equipment is treated as having been taken by the partner.  If the player’s action would breach a Rule if taken by the partner, the partner is in breach of the Rule and gets the resulting penalty (see Rule 23.8a).

Rule 23.6 Sides Order of Play

Partners may play in the order the side considers best.  This means that when it is a player’s turn to play under Rule 6.4a (match play) either the player or his or her partner may play next.

Exception – Continuing Play of Hole After Stroke Conceded in Match Play:  A player must not continue play of a hole after the player’s next stroke has been conceded if this would help his or her partner.  If the player does so, his or her score for the hole stands without penalty, but the partner’s score for the hole cannot count for the side.

If you are checking the rules references in the Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf and you are referred to the Full Rules you can find the full rules on the free R&A Rules App for phones or tablets, or here https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/pages/the-rules-of-golf

Please Return your Sand Buckets

Thank you for your assistance.

Care for the Course Video – Please Watch

Men’s Foursomes Championship

The annual Men’s Foursomes Championships will be held on Saturday 11th July after being postponed from earlier in the year due to Covid-19.

This event will be played with special conditions of play that allow golf balls to be swapped during play of a hole to stop the sharing of golf balls and any germ transmission.

We hope you can play in this premier Club event which is always well contested and in 2019 was won by Club Captain Matt Seamons and playing partner Janaka Wilmaratne in a playoff from fellow Director James Coates and partner Luke Mason.

Please Report Balls that Go Out of Bounds

Members are asked to please report any incidents of golf balls clearly going out of bounds to the extent that the ball may have struck any one of the following;

  • Bettington Road
  • The residents adjacent to the 6th hole
  • Oatlands House

In the event that a golf ball does strike one of these areas and causes damage, each individual member has insurance coverage as part of their affiliation fees with Golf Australia that means there is no liability for damage caused. However, this is contingent on the incident being reported, so if you think you may have hit a ball into any of these areas, please report the shot to the Pro Shop or Reception including the date and time the shot occurred.

We thank you for your assistance.

Weekend Trophy Event Schedule

Now that play is back in groups of 4, we are able to re-schedule the postponed weekend trophy events, while not as difficult as an AFL or NRL re-schedule, it is surprisingly complicated to fit things in once time is lost due to the number of events the Club holds. With our Major Pennant team now playing a home and away semi-final against Penrith in August, this could potentially decimate our Foursomes Championship fields.

Below is the weekend trophy event schedule up to the course renovation / closure on Sunday 23rd August;

  • Saturday 27th June: Governor’s Cup
  • Saturday 4th July: Foundation Day – Postponed
  • Saturday 4th July: NB Charlton 4Ball Knockout Round of 16 Matchplay
  • Saturday 11th July: Foursomes Championship 36 holes
  • Sunday 12th July: WE Tunks Father & Son Trophy
  • Saturday 18th July: Legacy Cup
  • Saturday 18th July: NB Charlton 4Ball Knockout Quarter Final Matchplay
  • Sunday 19th July: Qualifying Round WS Targett Mixed Fourball Knockout – Top 8 pairs
  • Saturday 25th July: NB Charlton 4Ball Knockout Semi Final Matchplay
  • Sunday 26th July: WS Targett Quarter Final Matchplay
  • Saturday 1st August: Kingswood Cup
  • Saturday 1st August: NB Charlton Final
  • Sunday 2nd August: WS Targett Semi Final Matchplay
  • Saturday 8th August: Winter Medal Round
  • Sunday 9th August: Mixed Foursomes Championship 36 holes
  • Saturday 15th August: Presidents Cup
  • Sunday 16th August: WS Targett Final Matchplay
  • Sunday 16th August: Major Pennant Division 2 Semi-Final at OGC
  • Saturday 22nd August: HP Evans Singles Knockout Qualifying Round – Top 16
  • Sunday 23rd August: Major Pennant Division 2 Semi-Final at Penrith
  • Sunday 23rd August (PM) – Wednesday 26th August: Renovations / Course Closed

MiScore App – Available to all Members to Trial

MiClub have offered Clubs’ a free trial of their MiScore App which members are encouraged to trial and provide feedback on its functionality and convenience.

The MiScore App allows golfers to complete scorecards on their mobile device and can be loaded onto your device by searching MiScore App from the Apple or Android store and selecting the icon displayed below.

Once loaded simply open the app and follow the prompts. The App acts exactly like a scorecard with all of Oatlands’ hole lengths, pars, indexes and local rules built in and provision to sign the card at the completion of play (note: under current restrictions signing of the scorecard is prohibited).

Note, just like a physical scorecard when using the MiScore App you are filling in the scorecard of another player as the marker.

If you have any questions or would like to go over the app with a member of staff please see the Pro Shop staff or General Manager.  

Takeaway Meals Menu

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