Oatlands Enews – Friday 24th January 2020


This Enews Newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Five after Five – Back due to popular demand
  • World Handicapping System – January 2020
  • Men’s Index Change – Holes 2 & 13
  • Fundraising Golf Day for the Rural Fire Service – Save the Date: Friday 13th March 2020
  • From the Course
  • Changes to the Pro Shop
  • Sandwich Hut Closed on Australia Day Public Holiday – Monday 27th January
  • Getting Started Programme 2020 – Commences February 2020
  • Junior Development Programme – Term 1, 2020
  • Volkswagen Scramble – Sunday 1st March 2020
  • QPC&C Tiger Tee Challenge Timesheets – Open 4 weeks in advance
  • Saturday Morning BBQ – To Resume Saturday 1st February 2020
  • Pennant Update
  • 60 Seconds with Dave – The Driver
  • Upcoming Events

Five after Five – Back to due popular demand

The Club’s popular Five after Five series has been extended into February due to popular demand.

This relaxed light-hearted event is a great way to introduce friends to the Club and for new members to get a stress free introduction to competition golf.

The new dates will be Friday 7th Feb, Fri 21st Feb and Fri 6th March. Bookings can be made online or by contacting the Club’s Reception or Pro Shop.


World Handicap System – January 2020

Please see the communication below from Golf Australia on the upcoming implementation of the World Handicapping System. Further information specifically relating to Oatlands Golf Club is outlined at the bottom of the article.

Dear All,

I am writing to provide the latest updates on the implementation of the World Handicap System (WHS).  (The WHS will go-live in Australia on Thursday 30 January.)

  1.  WHS Daily Handicap Look-up Charts now available – These are on display in the Pro Shop.
  2. Times when you will be unable to process competitions through GOLF Link
  • To enable the GOLF Link system to recalculate all GA Handicaps in accordance with the new WHS regulations, there will be a period of time when you will be unable to process competitions through GOLF Link.
  • This period will commence at 12.01am (Sydney time) on Monday 27 January.
  • To manage loads on the system, reconnection for Australian clubs will be staggered across Thursday 30 January.
  • For clubs which use the Tier 1 GOLF Link system, your access will recommence at 11.00am (Sydney time) on Thursday 30 January.
  • For clubs which use Tier 3 third-party software systems, your software provider will communicate with you directly to advise your recommencement time.
  1. Club Flexibility on setting Daily Handicap limits

We have been asked a few questions on Daily Handicap limits under the WHS.  We hope the following clarifications will be helpful.

  • Under the WHS, clubs have complete flexibility to set their own Daily Handicap limits for any (or all) of their competitions (for example 36 for men & 45 for women, or 54 for both, etc).
  • Whilst The R&A and USGA have designed the WHS regulations to include an option for Committees to choose to have unlimited Daily Handicaps, GA has permitted some Tier 3 third-party software providers to not support Daily Handicaps above 54.
  • Regardless, if you want to operate Daily Handicap limits for any (or all) of your competitions (for example 36 for men & 45 for women, or 54 for both, etc), we encourage you to ensure that the values you want are set in your system when you start to use your upgraded WHS software.  Your software provider will be able to assist you with guidance on this should you wish.
  • The maximum GA Handicap under the WHS is 54.0.  Neither GA nor any club has the capacity under the WHS to choose a lower GA Handicap limit than 54.0.

World Handicap System – Oatlands Golf Club

With maximum handicaps now able to go out to 54, the Men’s and Ladies’ Match Committees have made a number of decisions within the allowed parameters of the new system relating to OGC competition play.

  • Members will be eligible for daily competition prizes up to maximum handicap of 54
  • Trophy Events will have the existing maximum handicaps – All players will still be eligible to take part however they will have their handicaps automatically reduced to the maximum for the purpose of the Trophy event. Note, in this scenario players will still be handicapped from their actual handicap.
  •  The respective Men’s and Ladies’ Match Committees will review the conditions of play as more data on the implications of the WHS becomes available.
  • Grade brackets for daily competitions will be unchanged.
  • Additional Indexes to cover the increased maximum handicap of 54 will be added to scorecards and go live on Friday 28th January.

It should be noted that while this seems like a major change, members with current handicaps will see very little change due to the handicap anchor in effect. The main change in the early stages will be for new member handicaps and it is worth noting that the majority of members getting new handicaps are not getting the current maximum.

The Golflink system will be out of action while the WHS changes are updated between Monday 27th January and Thursday 30th January. During these 4 days competitions played at the Club will not be handicapped.

The details of the WHS changes communicated in recent Enews correspondance is listed below. 

The World Handicapping System will come into effect in late January 2020. Below is an overview of the main changes in effect with the introduction of the World Handicapping System (WHS):

  • Transfer of 0.93 Multiplier (which creates a small change to the formulas for the GA Handicap and Daily Handicap)
    • The 0.93 Multiplier will be transferred out of the GA Handicap calculation and into the Daily Handicap calculation.
    • As a result, a GA Handicap will be calculated simply by averaging the best 8 of a player’s most recent 20 results.
    • Note: Golf Australia statisticians confirm this change will have no overall impact on the handicaps players actually play off (ie Daily Handicaps). This is because the slight increase it will cause to GA Handicaps (by being removed from that formula), will be exactly the same as the decrease it will cause to Daily Handicaps (by being transferred into this formula). As a result there will be no overall impact.
  • Daily Rating System – PCC
    • The WHS will feature a statistical daily rating system.It will be called PCC (Playing Conditions Calculation).
    • The WHS daily rating formulas and regulations have been in full effect in Australia since May 2019.
    • When the WHS comes into effect, the PCC will be displayed on your handicap record as an adjustment value (eg ‘+2’ or ‘-1’) rather than a
    value such as ‘68’ or ‘72’ as happens pre-WHS under the Australian DSR system.
    • PCCs are permitted to range anywhere between -1 (ie easier conditions) and +3 (harder conditions).
  • Maximum Handicaps
    • The maximum GA Handicap under the WHS is 54.0 for both men and women.
    • Your club’s handicap & competition management software can choose default handicap limits lower than 54 for any (or all) competitions. (Decision pending for OGC).
    • For example, your club may choose to set Daily Handicap limits at 36 for men and 45 for women for most competitions and then use a higher limit for beginner competitions or for events for less-skilled players.
  • Soft Cap of 3 Strokes
    • A GA Handicap will continue to increase at the current rate of 100% of the ‘8 of 20 scores’ calculation UNTIL it reaches 3 strokes above its best point from the previous 12 months. Once in this new Soft Cap zone, a player’s GA Handicap will only be allowed to increase by 50% of the calculated amount until it reaches the existing and unchanged Hard Cap of 5 strokes.
  • Bonus Reduction for Exceptional Net Score
    • GOLF Link will apply an automatic additional reduction to a player’s GA Handicap if the player has an ‘exceptional score’.
    • If the player’s score is 7.0-9.9 strokes better than what their GA Handicap was at the time the round was played then GOLF Link will apply an automatic additional reduction of 1.0 stroke to their GA Handicap. If the player’s score is at least 10.0 strokes better than what their GA Handicap was at the time the round was played, then GOLF Link will apply an automatic additional reduction of 2.0 strokes to their GA Handicap.
    • To establish whether a score is exceptional, GOLF Link will compare the player’s GA Handicap at the time the round was played with the number in the ‘Sloped Played To’ column for that round. (The ‘Sloped Played To’ column is one of the columns that is displayed in a player’s handicap record on www.golf.org.au.).

All calculations will be handled by the Club’s website and Golf Link. 

For full detail of the World Handicap System please click here

Men’s Index Change – Holes 2 & 13

A recent review of the Men’s and Ladies’ hole indexes has seen one change made by the Match Committee to the Men’s Index.

  • Hole number 2, currently indexed 9 will change to index 6.
  • Hole number 13, currently indexed 6 will change to index 9.

This change will come into effect on Friday 28th January.

There are no changes to be made to the existing Ladies indexes.

Fundraising Golf Day for the Rural Fire Service – Friday 13th March

Oatlands Golf Club will be hosting a fundraising golf day on Friday 13th March 2020 to assist in raising funds to support the NSW Rural Fire Service in light of recent devastating fires in NSW. After consultation, it has been decided that the funds raised will go to the families of the two NSW RFS Volunteers who were killed fighting the fires.

Thank you to those members who have already started to book in for the Fundraiser and also to those offering up items for raffle and auction. Items such as golf bags, weekend stays at holiday homes normally listed on AirBnB, and any other suitable items will greatly assist in raising money for the families impacted. To donate a raffle or auction item, please contact the Club General Manager, gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au.

The day will open to members and guests, with the entry fee $80pp for members and $110pp for non-members. Early reservations can be made by emailing the General Manager, gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au or via the online timesheet, which is already open and listed on Friday 13th March.

We hope many members and guests will get involved in this event and help to support the heroic effort of all those involved in fighting the unprecedented bushfires, along with those who have been tragically impacted.

From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 38.0mm (prior to today)  Rainfall for 2020: 49.5mm   Dam: 65%   Green Speed: 9ft

The rain received late last week has certainly had a positive effect on the course and team member’s spirits this week. All areas of the course have received a nice green tinge to them at the moment, with the air also being cleaner to work in as well! This rain hasn’t broken the drought by any means, and is simply a small reprieve from the hot conditions for 4 or 5 days. Thursday’s 41 degrees is a reminder that we are still in a very hot and dry summer.

The rainfall has also brought humidity which increases the potential for disease to occur in our playing surfaces. Some of you may have noticed mushrooms starting to appear on our tees, which is a direct result of the increase in humidity. Wet surfaces on our putting greens, has also caused some black algae to appear on the 12th and putting greens. Both of these greens are shade affected in the late afternoon, keeping their surfaces wetter for longer than other greens which receive good afternoon sunlight. Algae isn’t a major concern in terms of disease severity at this time of year, however we have performed some cultural practices this week, applying a light dusting of sand to the putting, chipping, practice and nursery greens to help to dry these surfaces out. We have run the scarifying heads over the 12th green to thin out the coverage and also needle tyned this green to help infiltration rates. A light dusting of sand was applied to this green as well. These cultural practices remove the favourable conditions of the algae, which reduces its appearance in our playing surfaces.

Fungicide applications have also been made to greens this week for Pythium and Brown Patch. These fungicides will also control any remaining algae in the above greens. Growth regulator and insecticide have also been applied to greens this week both to ensure surfaces remain nice and tight with limited growth throughout the day, and to control Argentine Stem Weevil numbers to avoid any damage from this pest.

While we had the scarifying heads on the mower, we have collected scarifyings from tee pads and collars and spread them over the middle tee pad on the 9th. We have then used our verti drain to punch these scarifyings into the soil profile, with the plan that these scarifyings will take root and grow to achieve a full cover of couch on this tee pad. We expect, with some favourable weather conditions, this could take 3 to 4 weeks.

All areas of the course have been cut this week, with the majority of the rough also being mown because of some growth in these areas from the rain. We have started to apply our first lot of growth regulator to fairways and their surrounds. We are also adding a pre-emergent herbicide to the tank mix, to control any weeds that may also start to germinate after the rainfall. This pre-emergent application will provide 3 to 4 months cover, and therefore will also control any early winter grass germination in 2 or 3 month’s time.

Our volunteers were on course on Monday checking bunkers before the ladies’ competition, blowing fairways, edging paths, clubhouse maintenance and a tidy up of debris along the fence line of the 6th hole. Thank you gentlemen for all your efforts once again, you certainly make a big difference at this time of year!

Murray Bolan from Bolan’s tree services was on course yesterday to assess the Pepper Tree near the starters hut, which has shifted significantly in recent strong winds, and to provide a quote for the de-limbing of the dangerous trees between the 2nd/16th, 7th/ 8th and 8th and 10th fairways.

Murray said that the state of the Pepper Tree is dangerous, and it’s only a matter of time before it falls. The base is all hollow so the integrity and strength of the entire tree is beyond salvation. The Greens Committee is considering all options in consultation with the arborist and will make a decision on what can be done and advise members in due course. While it would be a shame to lose this iconic tree, the Club has a duty of care to consider safety of golfers as a priority. In the likely event that the tree does need to be removed, a suitable replacement will be planted.

Enjoy the weekend!

The Course Team.

Changes to the Pro Shop

The Club has recently engaged the service of a retail consultant who previously worked with the General Manager when redesigning the Pro Shop at Elanora Country Club. The focus of this consultation has been on shop layout and merchandising. The Pro Shop staff have commenced the implementation of the recommendations of the report provided, starting with moving the coffee machine and pie oven closer to the counter and adding a scorecard entry terminal for members who would like assistance when entering competition scorecards or making bookings from the Club kiosk terminals.


Sandwich Hut Closed on Monday 27th January

Members are advised that the Sandwich Hut will be closed on Monday 27th January (Australia Day public holiday). The daily bar menu will be available as normal.

Getting Started Programme 2020 – Commences February 2020

The Club’s twice annual Getting Started Programme is set to continue in February 2020.

These 8 week programmes are a great way to introduce family and friends to the game of golf and the culture and camaraderie of Oatlands Golf Club. Check out the short video below that shows the amazing progress of the participants in one of the 2019 sessions:

The 2020 Programme commences in February with a Sunday and Thursday programme, dates and times are listed below:

Three programmes available:

Sunday 8:30am – 9:30am or 9:30am – 10:30am: Starting Sunday 9th February, 8 week programme

Thursday 11:00am – 12:00pm: Starting Thursday 13th February, 8 week programme. 

Cost for the programme is:

$240 for 8 weeks

To register, please complete the online form below:

Junior Development Programme – Term 1, 2020

The Club’s 2020 Junior Development Programme (JDP) is recommencing on Thursday 30th January 2020 following the long school holiday break. The 2020 programme sees a few changes to last year, including;

  1. A new structure to group categories
  2. Learning of all main elements of the game each term
  3. Online bookings required (Please note: Bookings are required as sessions will be capped at a maximum number of 12 participants).
  4. Supervised on-course play available every Saturday (booking required)
  5. All participants and accompanying parents must comply with the Club’s Dress Regulations

Please click on this link for a full update on the 2020 JDP Programme including group criteria and booking procedure. 

Volkswagen Scramble – Sunday 1st March 2020

Oatlands will be running a Mixed Volkswagen (formerly Holden) Scramble on Sunday 1st March, 8am shotgun start.

The event will be open to members and guests and require a minimum of one Oatlands member per team to qualify with a 4 person ambrose format.

The cost is $40 for members and $70 for non-members.

All participants will  receive a Callaway gift pack and the winners will qualify for the regional final where they will be joined by one the Club’s PGA Professionals for the 5 person ambrose format and the chance to qualify for the national final.

Bookings are available now through the Club’s website by clicking on the link below.

Click here to book for the Volkswagen Scramble

Click here for an event fact sheet.

QPC&C Tiger Tee Challenge Timesheets to Open 4 Weeks in Advance

Members are advised that all Tiger Tee Challenge Open Day Timesheets will open 4 weeks (28 days) in advance commencing immediately.

This is to allow more time for non-members to book in for the limited opportunity that is available for non-member / unaccompanied play at the Club.

Saturday Morning BBQ – To Resume Saturday 1st February 

The Club has had to push back the resumption of the Saturday morning BBQs due to rain damage incurred to the verandah BBQs in the last week.

In a series of unfortunate events the BBQ covers recently purchased have been taken away to have weights added as they were blowing away in the wind and during this time the recent rain has damaged the gas distributors in both BBQs. These will be repaired this week and the Saturday BBQ will recommence on Saturday 1st February.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Pennant Update

With the start of the new year comes the commencement of a range of annual Pennant Competitions which OGC are represented in.

Mixed Pennant

The Mixed Pennant season commenced in January with OGC playing 3 away games to start the season. A narrow loss under contentious circumstances in round 1 to Bayview was followed by two away wins at Strathfield and Macqaurie Links. The Mixed Pennant side has a week off for the Australia Day weekend before completing the season with 3 home games and are well placed to make a run at our division.

Major Pennant

The Men’s Major pennant commences in February and the squad has been in full swing preparing for the season ahead. The squad has had a number of group sessions and practice games at the Club in our division to build camaraderie and prepare for what is a real chance of winning the pool in Division 2 with a team of mixed experience and youth and all on competitive handicaps of +1 to 3.

The squad consists of the following players:

Tim Frazer (Cpt): Hcp: 1.7
Luke Mason: Hcp: +0.6
Sean Porter: Hcp: 1.3
Grant Lomas: Hcp: 0.7
Wil Reece: Hcp: 0.1
Norm Nakhoul: Hcp: 0.9
Nick Murdoch: Hcp: 2.7
Nathan Wareham: Hcp: 0.0
Brad Hooper: Hcp: 1.2
Harris Yang: Hcp: 3.1

Team Manager (picture below modelling the Pennant uniform): Rodney Walsh

60 Seconds with Dave – The Driver

This week, 60 Seconds with Dave focuses on the Driver. We hope you enjoy the video and it helps you out on the course. 

If members would like to see any topics covered in 60 Seconds with Dave, please email him your ideas at golflessons@oatlandsgolf.com.au


A reminder that these events are held on selected Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays throughout each month and are a wonderful way to introduce new people to our Club. Bookings are essential and we ask that you reserve your table at least two (2) days in advance. Dates are shown below:

Jan Saturday 18th & Wednesday 29th
Feb Friday 14th & Wednesday 26th
Mar Saturday 14th & Wednesday 25th
Apr Saturday 18th & Wednesday 29th
May Saturday 16th & Wednesday 27th
Jun  Friday 12th & Wednesday 24th
Jul Saturday 18th & Wednesday 29th
Aug Friday 28th & Wednesday 30th
Sep Friday 11th & Wednesday 30th 
Oct Friday 9th & Wednesday 28th
Nov Wednesday 18th & Saturday 28th
Dec Wednesday 9th & Saturday 19th (Christmas Buffet)

BISTRO ON BETTINGTON – WEDNESDAY 29th January (Max: 60ppl)




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