Oatlands Enews – Saturday 21st September 2019



This Enews Newsletter covers the following topics:

  • Men’s Club Championships 2019
  • Ladies Club Championships 2019
  • From the Course
  • Practice Facility Upgrade – Update
  • Junior Get a Handicap Day – Tuesday 8th October
  • Former Member Hope Island who’s Boss
  • Green Tees – 9th Hole Superpin, change of Club Policy
  • Happy Hour Friday’s
  • Saturday Morning BBQ – Volunteers Required
  • Mixed Pennant – Expression of Interest
  • If it’s not your ball, don’t pick it up!!!
  • Upcoming Events
  • Clubhouse Events

Men’s Club Championship 2019

The 2019 Men’s Club Championship commences on Saturday 28th September (note: this is different than the programme book listing). The format is:

Two qualifying rounds for all grades on Saturday 28th September and Saturday 12th October with the top 16 players in each grade qualifying for the knockout matchplay section.

Club Championship division matches will be played consecutive Sunday’s over 36 holes

All other grades will be played consecutive Saturday’s over 18 holes

The Finals of all grades will take place prior to the Annual Presentation Dinner on Saturday 9th November.

All members are encouraged to take part in the Club pinnacle event. 

The handicap grades are listed below:

Club Championship up to 7

The Plate handicap 8 to 12

Middle Markers Cup 13 to 18

Long Markers Cup 19 and over

Only members with full playing rights are eligible to enter. 

2018 Men’s Club Champion – Tim Frazer


Ladies Club Championship 2019

The 2019 Ladies Club Championship commences on Thursday 17th October, the format is:

Four rounds of stroke play over four consecutive Thursday’s from Thursday 17th October. 

All lady members are encouraged to take part in the Club pinnacle event. 

The handicap grades are listed below:

Club Championship (Open)
Bronze 1 Division Hcp 23 to 34
Bronze 2 Division Hcp 35 to 45

Only members with full (6 and / or 7 day) playing rights are eligible to enter. 

2018 Ladies Club Champion – Linda Gyzen (centre)


From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 115.5mm  Rainfall for 2019: 730mm   Dam: 100%   

Green Speed: 9ft

A wet and interrupted week for the team on the course this week, but the rain was beneficial for our playing surfaces and our storage dam. After the dry winter the soil moisture profile in our playing surfaces were on the low side, however this back up rain after the greens renovations rain event, will ensure that fairways and roughs will start growing and recovering when some warmer arrives. The initial rain on Monday night and for most of Tuesday was ideal as it was able to penetrate the soil profile as it fell lightly over an extended period. Bunkers were handling the rainfall at this rate, but late Tuesday afternoon the rain became heavier and too much for them to handle and they pooled instantly. We received 45mm yesterday which ran straight off as the soil profiles were saturated already.

The team has still been productive fertilising all green surrounds and tee pads, cutting all green surrounds, spraying weeds on bunker faces, and finding and repairing a broken wire to one of our sprinklers on the 11th green.

We applied a soil penetrant to all greens on Tuesday morning which has helped the greens cope with the heavy rainfall this week. We cut all greens at 3mm on Thursday.

We have started cutting fairways today managing to cut the 12th, 14th, 17th and 18th fairways. The re-turfing efforts on the 1st and 13th have had to be stopped due to the wet conditions. This also applies to the flyover areas on the 8th, 14th and 16th holes and the swale on the 10th hole. These will continue  now the weather is drying up. 

Our volunteers were on course Monday morning raking bunkers before the ladies competition, hand weeding the 14th, 16th and 17th tee pads of Winter Grass, assisting with the cleaning of the car park where our sand and gravel stockpiles were, and clubhouse maintenance works. Thank you for your help gentlemen once again.


Enjoy the weekend!

The Course Team


Practice Facility Upgrade – Update

The seed on the putting and chipping greens has germinated, with the first visible signs noticeable on Saturday morning. The heavy rain on Wednesday has caused some erosion damage to the chipping green on the 11th fairway side. As the water has washed across the green from the asphalt road side, it has dragged the sand from the surrounds across with it which settled on top of the growth cloth. We have removed the growth cloth from this green today for this reason, and discovered a layer of silt is covering a section of this green. We are contemplating ways of removing this silt as it will affect the way the seed grows. We can’t just rake or scrape it off, as we will remove the new seed with the silt, as it hasn’t properly rooted down as yet. We may try rolling a light hand roller over it, trying to get the silt to stick to the roller, similar to a lint remover on cloths. We will try this tomorrow, hopefully with some success!

We left the growth cloth on the putting green until Friday. Both greens were fertilised Thursday with a combination fertiliser and a root stimulant product. I have rung the turf farm and placed an order to turf the surrounds of the chipping green. The turf farms have also received over 100mm of rain this week, meaning delivery won’t be until later next week once they dry out somewhat. When the rolls are wet, the weight of them is so heavy, that they become too difficult to manage by hand. This short delay will give course staff some time to repair the surrounds that have eroded away from this week’s rain.


Junior Get a Handicap Day – Tuesday 8th October



Former Member shows Hope Island who’s Boss!

Former Oatlands member and now member at Hope Island, Mike Graham has recorded an incredible score at the highly regarded Golf Coast course.

A copy of his card is shown below which shows that Mick started with 2 bogey’s in the first 3 holes before going on to shoot 9 under par including a back 9 of 28 shots.


Green Tee Superin – New Club Policy

Following the recent addition of 18 green tees on the golf course and the provision to play a full green tee course in competition play, the rules around using the green tee on the 9th for the Superpin will be changed from the beginning of October. Prior to October those members with an age of 70yrs and above and a handicap of 28 and above could utilise the green tees on the 9th hole only, even if playing from the white or black tees of the day.

From October, any member wishing to utilise the green tee on the 9th will be required to enter the competition from the green tees course (all 18 holes from green tee markers). This can be done by notifying the Pro Shop at registration.

The full green course has been instigated to give those members who might struggle with the length of the normal course a chance to continue enjoying their golf and be competitive. The green course slope rating adjusts the handicap accordingly so members can play in the competition (and have their side bets), off of a fair handicap and length of course, and against playing partners off alternate tees.

This initiative may be slow to get traction amongst the membership, however if you are a member who is struggling with the length of the full course, we strongly suggest you give it a try and see if it adds to your enjoyment of the game.

Likewise, if you are a young buck looking to take on a shorter golf course, give it go, it is a new course setup and as yet has no course record!!!!!!


Happy Hour at the Club – Friday’s 4 – 6pm

Commencing in September, the Club will be running a weekly Happy Hour special on Friday’s from 4 to 6pm.

Happy Hour prices will be $5 on all tap beer schooners and glasses of House red and white wine.

We hope you can join us on a Friday afternoon!


Saturday Morning BBQ – Volunteers Required

The last four Saturday’s has seen the introduction of BBQ brekky and coffee service available for members. This service, which was trialed over August, will continue during September.

The service is being run on a break even basis and as a Member Service which the Board believe, is one of the most important aspects of the Club operations.

At this stage, the BBQ is being operated by volunteers from the Board and Sub-Committees. A number of members have expressed interest in volunteering to assist and as such, if you would like to offer your time to volunteer from 7am – 11am on a Saturday morning to assist with the BBQ, please contact the General Manager, Sam Howe at gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au.

We would also like members to know that in-conjunction with the Saturday BBQ, the bar will be open on Saturday morning for coffee sales from 7am. The Club has recently acquired a new coffee machine and all staff are being put through annual coffee training during the course renovation, so if you love your coffee as much as me (GM, Sam Howe), then please consider the Club for your Saturday morning wake up coffee.

Bacon & Egg Rolls: $5

Regular Size Coffee: $4.50

B&E Roll with a Coffee/Beer: $8/$10

The Club would love to see this service become a permanent fixture for Saturday morning golf with a view to expanding in to other competition days, so please show your support and have your brekky at the Club before you play.


Mixed Pennant – Expression of Interest

The Club is calling for nominations for the annual Mixed Pennant Competition, to be run in early 2020.

The event is a matchplay Pennant format with teams of 10 (5 mixed pairs) representing each Club.

If you are interested in representing the Club in this fun Pennant competition, please email the Club General Manager, Sam Howe at gm@oatlandsgolf.com.au.

Specific dates for the competition will be decided toward the end of January.


If it’s not your ball, DON’T PICK IT UP!!!!

There have been a number of incidents over recent weeks of golfers picking up golf balls that they thought were lost only to find that they belonged to another golfer with the ball still in play.

This can be very frustrating for golfers and if not seen incur a lost ball penalty.

Members are asked to not pick up stray golf balls (particularly in competition rounds) and also to follow the Golf Australia recommendation of clearly marking your ball with a unique marking, usually with a permanent marker as in the example below.

Devices for marking your ball as above, which can also provide great assistance with lining up putts, are available for purchase in the Pro Shop.


Upcoming Events

Members are encouraged to take part in the many weekly golf competition events that the Club has to offer.

Regular Competition Days across the week are listed below:

Monday: Mixed Comp
Wednesday: Mixed Competition
Thursday: Mixed Competition
Saturday: Mixed Competition
Sunday: Mixed Competition


Upcoming Major Events

Saturday 21st September: HP Evens Matchplay Final

Monday 23rd September: Jenes for Genes Day


Upcoming Clubhouse Events

The Club run regular Club events throughout the year. The following is a list of events available to members and their guests over the next 2 months.

Sunday 29th September – Bring a Newbie Golf Afternoon

Oatlands Golf Club would like to give all members the chance to introduce a newcomer to the Club and to the game of golf.

This event is complimentary for all participants and will include a 9 hole shotgun start at 3:30pm followed by drinks and canapes.

Golf will be followed by a short introduction to Oatlands and an overview of the benefits of joining our wonderful Club.

The only condition is that newcomers invited by members must not be a member of another Golf Club or have a handicap.


Friday 25th October – Five after 5

Oatlands Golf Club’s annual series of Five after 5 events kick off on the 25th October. These popular events are open to members and guests and are a great way to introduce friends and family to the course and Club in a relaxed environment. With spectacular prizes (tongue firmly in cheek), provided by host Rodney Walsh, the post golf atmosphere, buffet dinner and camaraderie are not to be missed. Bookings can be made online via the Club website or by phoning Reception.


Wednesday 30th October – Bistro on Bettington French Buffet

Join us for our ever popular Bistro on Bettington evenings, with a wonderful French themed menu prepared by Chef, Paul Bacon.

The evening is just $45pp with guests welcome.


Tuesday 5th November – Melbourne Cup Luncheon

Join us at Oatlands for the 2019 Melbourne Cup and one of the Club’s biggest annual events. Details are listed below with lots of great activities planned and a wonderful lunch prepared by Chef, Paul. Bookings can be made online or by phoning Reception. 

Melbourne Cup Luncheon Menu


Saturday 9th November – Annual Presentation Dinner

The Club’s Annual Presentation Dinner will be held on Saturday, 9th November to acknowledge all the men’s major event winners for the past year.

This year’s event includes former Augusta National Greenskeeper, Daniel Cook as keynote speaker.

Dan is currently the Grounds Director at Elanora Country Club and still goes back to Augusta National each year and sets the pins with the Augusta Chairman.

Daniel’s story of his journey from trainee greenskeeper to The Masters is fascinating and he is one of the industry leaders in golf course innovation and management.

Thursday 28th November – Ladies Presentation Dinner

The annual Ladies Presentation Dinner will be held on Thursday 28th November. More information will follow however, this evening also celebrates the major event winners for the year and is a wonderful evening of celebration that is always well supported by the Club’s fantastic Lady members.


Wednesday 27th November – Bistro on Bettington

Join us for our ever popular Bistro on Bettington evenings, with a wonderful menu prepared by Chef Paul Bacon.

The evening is just $60pp with guests welcome.


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