Oatlands Enews – Friday 31st May 2019


This E-news covers the following topics:

  • Bring a Friend to Oatlands
  • Winter Shotgun Starts – Saturday’s
  • Winter Course Care – Love Golf, Love Oatlands
  • Friendship Day – Saturday 22nd June
  • From the Course
  • Interclub Pennant – Finals Bound
  • Men’s Foursomes Championship
  • Ladies Foursomes Championship
  • Golf Rules – Oatlands House Road
  • State of Origin 2019 – Game 1 at OGC


Bring a Friend to Oatlands

Members are encouraged to bring guests to Oatlands to enjoy the beautiful course we have on offer. Introducing friends to a game of golf at our wonderful Club brings in much needed revenue that allows the Club to continue to maintain the facilities we all enjoy and flows on to potential new members who play and enjoy the golf course. Winter is a wonderful time to enjoy the course with crisp clear days and the greens running at their best, and it is also a quiet period for corporate golf activity so Tuesday’s and Friday’s in particular are quieter than at other times of the year.


Winter Shotgun Starts – Saturday’s

This Saturday is the first of our winter shotgun starts for competition play.  The morning field will commence at 7.15am and the afternoon field will commence at 12 noon.  Shotgun starts will be in place for Saturday competitions until the end of July.  Please be mindful of other players on the course when moving to or from the course.

We have found that during the winter months the shotgun starts provide all members with the ability to complete their round when daylight is at a premium.  We thank all members for supporting this initiative and look forward to enjoying the comraderie and banter of fellow members post round.  I am looking forward to the specials that our bar has in store for us.  


Winter Course Care – Love Golf, Love Oatlands

Now that winter has arrived, Oatlands is in need of some love.  The colder weather has arrived and will certainly slow down the growth of all grass, and as a result high traffic areas will take longer to repair.  To help reduce wear, we ask all members to be very mindful of not walking between greens and bunkers.  Oatlands policy is to walk buggies directly across the greens. 

Please ensure that you either:

  • Walk around the outside of bunkers; or
  • Walk from the front of the green directly to the rear of the green, not around the edge.

Other actions that will assist the course get through the cooler months in good condition are:

  • Only 2 balls are to be played when practicing on the course;
  • All social play is to take place ONLY from the tees provided. This is critical to manage wear of the turf of the teeing ground;
  • Ensure you take a sand bucket and fill all divots you see.  Refill your sand bucket on every hole;
  • On the green, repair your lob mark plus another.

Additionally, please pay some special attention and ensure that all divots are repaired.  Please show Oatlands some special love by filling some fairway divots as you walk to your ball.

But most of all – Love Golf, and please love Oatlands.

Friendship Day – Saturday 22nd June

Oatlands has seen many new members over the last few years and to celebrate this and help to welcome them into the Club’s culture, the Club will be running a random draw shotgun start event, Friendship Day, on Saturday 22nd June.

All players entered in to the AM and PM shotgun start will be grouped randomly (a feature facilitated by our website timesheet system) to give all members new and long-term the opportunity to mix with new and old friends alike.

To book for this event, please click here.


From the Course

Rainfall for the Week: 0.0mm             Rainfall for 2019: 421mm        Dam: 75%         Green Speed: 11.0 feet

This week we have finished the mulching between the 13th and 17th fairways. We also finished off the mulching on either side of the 11th hole, using up the remaining piles on the right hand side of this hole. The turf has arrived for the 1st fairway and the Coral tree stump between the 1st and 17th fairways. 

We have made a start on the drainage line in the 10th rough line today. This is to re-direct the overflow water from the drainage installed on the 11th which was ending up in the LHS rough / fairway of the 10th. We have trenched the 72metres, with 3 pits to be installed along and at end of this line. We also found the drainage line coming out of the fairway bunker which will connect to this new drainage line. 

Today we also started preparation work for the drainage work across the 15th flyover. Irrigation lines have been identified, and we have started one pilot hole. The washed out drainage pit at the base of this flyover area was repaired today while we were in the area.

Weeds in bunkers have again been sprayed this week, and we have also continued spraying fairways, roughs and flyovers on holes 8, 14 and 16 for winter grass. The bare areas on fairways 13, 14, 15, 16 and the green end of the 17 received their back up application for mites this week, with fertiliser also added to the tank mix. The turf around these bare areas certainly looks healthier in its appearance, and we must remember that any real significant recovery growth can’t be expected until spring, in conjunction with fairway renovations.

Some inconsistencies identified in the 16th green are being casued by Argentine Stem Weevil. The rolling of the greens irritates the larvae and they come up onto the surface to seek relief. The larvae cause all the damage to the plant as well, thus explaining the damage that we had been monitoring on the 12th, 13th and 16th greens. We had sprayed for the adults of this pest but hadn’t sprayed for the larvae as it is really out of season to receive any activity from them. We sprayed for the larvae on Tuesday, so the affected greens should start to improve.

As we all know the strong winds have returned with some chilling bite to them as well. The vacuum and blowers have been busy each day, and extra time is added on to bunker work having to remove the large amounts of debris that accumulates in them. The overnight temperatures have dropped as well, which means soil temperatures drop and growth on playing surfaces reduces. Greens were dusted on Monday which has helped firm up surfaces, and improve ball roll.

Volunteers were on course Monday, raking bunkers before the ladies competition, cleaning and painting tee furniture and filling divots on par 3 and 4 tees with sand. Thank you gentlemen once again for all your efforts.


Interclub Pennants – Finals Bound


The Interclub team played our final round before the playoffs on Sunday at home against NSW. 

The visiting team had plenty to play for to avoid the bottom of the table and it showed. Their team came out firing and built strong leads early in many matches. 

All were very hard fought but the visitors came away with a 5/3 victory. 

Luke Mason, Sean Porter and Blair McDonald all had great wins against quality opponents. 

This weekend we play Pymble at Avondale in the sectional final. With a neutral course and having already beaten Pymble, the team are excited and quietly confident of making the semi finals. 




Tim Frazer – lost 4/2

Luke Mason – 1 up

Sean Porter – won 3/2

Kyle Dignam – lost 3/2

Roger Nakad – lost (forfeit) 

James Coates – lost 2 down 

Matt Seamons – lost 4/2

Blair McDonald – won 3/2 


Men’s Foursomes Championships

The 2019 Men’s Foursomes Championships took place on Saturday 25th May with 140 competitors braving the 36 hole foursomes format. It was an ideal day for golf and Luke Mason and James Coates took full advantage to lead after 18 holes with an exceptional 2 over par 72. This was followed by 2 scores of 76 and a number on 78.

The afternoon saw slightly more difficult scoring and after 36 holes Matt Seamons and Janaka Wimalaratne were tied with Luke and James on 152, meaning the Championship would be decided by a playoff.

Janaka and Luke hit two great shots down to first hole leaving their partners with mid range pitch shots in. James played first an hit his shot straight at the flag but a touch long to finish just off the back of the green. Matt then played a shot to the heart of the green and 15 feet away from the flag.

Luke played a beautiful little chip shop which James finished off for a par before Janaka just missed his birdie putt to win the Championship by an inch or so.

Matt and James then teed off the 17th and once again hit two great tee shots. Luke played the second shot first which looked good off the club however found the front right bunker. Janaka then played a stunning 7 iron to the heart of the green.

James bunker shot was of very high quality to a shortsided pin and gave luke a 7-8 foot putt straight up the hill.

Matt and Janaka 2 putted leaving Luke with his uphill putt to continue the Championship. Luke’s putt was straight at the but unfortunately finished only inches short, leaving Matt and Janaka as the 2019 Men’s Foursomes Champions.

Well done Matt and Janaka and to all other competitors in the Championship.

Men’s 36 Holes Foursomes championships.pdf    


Ladies Foursomes Championship


The 2019 Ladies Foursomes Championships finished on Thursday 30th May with the 3rd and final round.

Cool conditions greeted the ladies who all seemed to have remained friends despite the previous 2 weeks of foursomes.

The winners of the Championships were:

A Grade: Paula Skelton and Debbie Jepson with a score of 269

B Grade: Kim Lim and Sue Plaister with a score of 322

C Grade: Carol Tait and Soreen Ferm with a score of 361.

Check out the full results out the link below. 





Golf Rules – Oatlands House Road

We have been requested to provide some clarification to the rules of golf applying to the Oatlands House Road.

As many members will attest, a wayward shot on the 10th or 11th hole (and possibly the 8th) could see your golf ball finishing on the access road to Oatlands House.

Over the years many golfers have had experienced the unfortunate circumstance of seeing their ball roll down the Oatlands House road, sometimes all the way out onto Bettington Road.  In such a circumstance, what is the appropriate rule of golf ?

Rule 11.2 provides that the general penalty applies if a player deliberately deflects or stops a ball in motion.  Hence if you see a ball rolling down the Oatlands House Road the rules of golf do not allow ANY player to stop the ball.  If your golf ball is rolling down the road, it must be allowed to continue until it comes to rest.  Penalty for breach of rule 11-2 is 2 strokes in stroke play, or loss of hole in match play to the player who stopped the ball.

In the unfortunate event that the ball rolls out of bounds, the ball is indeed out of bounds and must be replayed from where it was last struck, under penalty on one shot.

Otherwise, if a wayward shot finds it’s way onto the Oatlands house road, the ball must be allowed to roll until it comes to rest.  Once the ball comes to rest, the usual rules of golf apply:

Rule 19.1 provides for relief (under penalty of one stroke) if the ball is unplayable.  However the ball must first come to rest.

Rule 16-1 allows relief (no penalty) from abnormal ground conditions as ground under repair or a designated no play zone.

Rule 16 also allows relief (no penalty) from an “immovable obstruction”, such as a ball washer, a seat, a sand box, the road itself.


State of Origin 2019 – Game 1 at OGC

It’s that time of year again when one of the biggest rivalries in Aussie Sport is upon us. 

Oatlands GC are please to be hosting a night for members and guests to watch the mighty NSW Blues continue their form of 2018 against the QLD cockroaches.

The Club will be showing the event with half price drinks from kick off until the first points are scored. Entry is $20pp which includes a deluxe burger and chips.


There will be lots of activities prior to kick off including a shootout on the 18th hole and indoor longest putting competition.

Members are encouraged to don their colours and join us for a great game of footy. Guests are also welcome, so get together a group of family and friends and make a booking today.

Click here to book for game 1 at OGC.


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