Major Pennant Report – Sunday 17th March

The season finishes with a wash out!

The 2019 Major Pennant season wrapped up on Sunday 17th March with most matches in Sydney being washed out.

Whilst not the ideal way to finish the season, we end up finishing 3rd in our group which means that we retain our place in Division 2 for 2020.

Monash won our group and proceed to promotion playoff match, whilst Cabramatta will progress to the relegation playoff match.

This year was always going to be a very tough year for us with a number of our top players being lost to other Clubs in the last two years. This made the effort of our side even more impressive and if not for the final round washout they would have likely finished second in the division.   

We start planning immediately for 2020, looking for a couple of top order players to strengthen our squad.

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